Premium Australian Grassfed Lamb

At Top Paddock we believe that the lambs should be allowed to graze freely on the rich native grasslands and pastures of our region. This results in a naturally lean and tender lamb and a true farm to fork experience.

Top Paddock Lamb has been selected & produced by Meat Tender to cater primarily to the food service market. Particular care is taken to ensure continuity of supply, excellent eating quality and that the meat is cut to a consistent specification.

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Top Paddock Lamb

It is no secret that Australian lamb is amongst the finest in the world and at Top Paddock Lamb we take the the best product available, process it with care and deliver our lamb fresh to the market every day. Available for all markets, Top Paddock Lamb has been developed by Dirk Geleit and Shirley Bastian, the owners of Meat Tender.

We wanted to provide a top quality, stable lamb product that chefs could be confident putting on their plates. Eating quality is always going to be our number one priority and we are confident that we can deliver this with Top Paddock.

Dirk Geleit
A butcher by trade, Dirk has been instrumental in the development of the Top Paddock brand, focusing on the key elements he believes make this southern region of Australia one of the best in the world for lamb production.

Dirk and I have been in this industry for many years and we are so happy to be able to introduce Top Paddock Lamb to restaurants around the world. Our team is small and very focussed on working wih our customers over the long term to grow their business. We have a lot of experience in global markets and are export specialists. As a team we always work with our customers to discover the best way to introduce and promote Top Paddock Lamb to their market.

Shirley Bastian
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Breed, Feed & Age
The 3 key ingredients of great lamb

Top Paddock lambs are second cross British and European breeds chosen for their sturdy frame, excellent meat distribution across the carcase and the eating quality of their meat. The animals have been allowed to graze freely on some of Australia’s finest natural pastures of clover and rye grasses, resulting in a delicious subtle flavour.

The lambs are processed between 8 to 12 months of age, the best age for producing a tasty and versatile meat. All our lambs are raised without the use of additional chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.

Nutritional Benefits
Lamb is healthy

Lamb is a staple in Mediterranean diets, believed to be one of the healthiest diets in the world because of its ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Lamb is a valuable source of protein, minerals and many B-group vitamins including niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. It is lean and low in cholesterol compared to other animal proteins, and 50% of the fat in lamb is mono-unsaturated (one of the good fats).

Lamb provides two times more iron than chicken or pork and six times more iron than fish. Protein contains the essential amino acids needed for building muscle and also assists in maintaining healthy organs and body tissue while boosting metabolism, slowing digestion and decreasing hunger.

Sustainably Farmed
Taking care of our farms for the next generation

Top Paddock lambs are all grass fed free range animals sourced from Southern Australia where there is ample fresh water and native pastures, making it the ideal environment for grazing and farming. Our farmers take great care to preserve the land they raise Top Paddock lambs on.

The pastures in this region are packed with minerals and fibre providing the perfect natural conditions for growing world class lambs and delivering excellent eating quality.

Cold Chain & Packaging
Delivering consistency, every time

A priority for Top Paddock Lamb is to preserve the integrity of the flavour profile at every stage of production. This means we have strict protocols in place regarding packaging and cold chain maintenance. We work hard to ensure the moisture content is not compromised by fluctuating temperatures or poor packaging. Moisture content is important because it increases the juiciness & tenderness of the meat.

At the plant carcase sizes are graded into weight ranges to provide a similar size for each of the primal cuts. This is particularly important for food service where portion control is vital. This weight ranging also helps to deliver consistent taste and tenderness.

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